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A link that directs someone to your website is called a URL. A URL is also known as a Uniform Resource Locator. It allows internet users to locate your site. Therefore, everyone who has a website or online page has an existing URL. Most of the time, we encounter long URL’s which are very hard to remember. However, it is possible to reduce these outstretched links into much shorter ones. This is with the help of a URL shortening service.

A URL shortening service does exactly what it says it does. It reproduces a long URL into a shorter version. Some benefits that this service provides are its distinctiveness and its ability to be read out loud. If your business URL is quite long, it would be hard for potential customers to remember your URL. They might try to look you up in a search engine and come up with a competitor instead. That would have been an avoidable shame. One more benefit of shorter URL’s is its capacity to be posted elsewhere. Most sites have a limit on posted characters which is usually set at 140 characters. If you have an extraordinarily long URL, you will not be able to share your site with others on a different site. Again, that would have been an avoidable shame.

Creating a shorter URL will need to have its Hyper Text Transfer Protocol or HTTP redirected to a shorter domain containing the longer URL linked to the site. Various techniques are used to redirect your HTTP. One of these techniques is known as base 62 which include 10 digits, upper case letters and lower case letters. Many URL shortening services provide a variety of features as well. One of these possible features could be to follow the number of clicks that your URL has had in a specific duration of time.

As most things in this world URL shortening also has set backs. A short URL can be a question of reliability. You just can’t garner where that shortened URL is going to lead you. If you are using a shortened URL for Twitter, then that is alright. However, in the big online world, not a lot of people are going to trust a shortened URL because of their experiences with such URL’s leading them to pornographic sites. Another negative factor is that not all sites allow access to shortened URL sites. So, you have to take that into consideration as well before getting in touch with a URL shortening service provider.

Having a shortened URL provides a certain number of advantages. If you deem it right to have a shortened URL, then you can go ahead and search for a reliable URL shortening service provider. Just make sure that when you click that shortened URL, there will be no wrong turns and avoidable shames.

The main advantages of using short URLs

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The internet is just one big online marketing world. From thumbnail ads to newsletter emails to short URLs; they all play a part in this marketing microcosm. So, what exactly are the advantages of short URLs?

A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the vehicle that leads your passengers to your online site. It could be a space ship, a car, a dump truck or anything you want it to be. However, these URL’s are often longer than limousines. And if limousines are hard to maneuver, long URL’s are even harder.

Having a long URL has a lot of disadvantages or the advantages of short URL’s are many. It is hard to remember. It is utterly forgettable. It is not the kind of URL we would keep in mind to visit in the future. Therefore, if you’re lengthy URL leads back to a business site then you are in darn trouble. Business websites need to be vibrant and distinctive. They have to appealing to the person looking at your site. If not, then no one would feel obliged to do business with you. You are just plain boring. It’s the same with your URL. Your URL would showcase a better persona because they are creative without being confusing or worse – forgettable.

The advantages of short URL’s have definitely convinced a lot of people to go for this service. One advantage that I’d like to point out is its ability to be remembered. If you have ever been a guest at a party with someone you respect present, you would not want to be neglected. You want to be remembered. You want to make a difference. It’s the same with your URL. You want your URL to be remembered. You want your URL to make a difference, particularly in your sales statistics. Another benefit would be the capacity to create custom shortcuts for your links that would grant you a lot of name recognition. And we all respect the power of name recognition. If you could create this for your site, wouldn’t you?

The advantages of short URL’s greatly affect your site. They give you the power to be more memorable and effective. So, if you are ready for this then it would be about time to get in touch with a URL shortening service provider. One thing to keep in mind is to ensure that your custom shortened links will definitely direct the users to your site. One feature that you could also add would be to have a preview as well as a shortened link. This will give your short URL a reliable touch.

You doubt me? Then check out the advantages of short URL’s for yourself and you’ll see.

How to get the best car insurance quotes

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The cheapest car insurance policies can only be gotten by those who shop wisely. There are many online systems that offer assistance to insurance policy shoppers who want to pick the best policies at a cheaper cost. To find the cheapest car insurance policies in the market shoppers can use any or a combination of the following techniques;


If you are shopping for an insurance cover for your car then you will have to do some research on what is in the market. Essentially you can start by paying a visit to your local insurance agent. The information that you will be able to get from the insurance agent should provide a yardstick upon which you can measure the suitability of the other quotes that you will get.

Additionally you can find out from the online agents and systems about their quotes. You can also get additional information from your relatives and friends. All the information obtained will have to be analyzed and comparisons made before any decision is made.


Insurance firms offer their customers discounts that are based on various factors. For instance insurance organizations provide age based discounts which are associated with the drivers’ age. The discounts are some of the avenues that shoppers can use to get the cheapest car insurance policies for their vehicles. Young drivers aged between 25 years and 55 years get to pay lower premiums as a result of the age based discounts although other factors such as the driver’s record and marital status come into play as well.


Where the insured resides in is usually taken into consideration by the insurance agent when calculating the premiums payable. This is why if an insured resides in a crime prone area then the premiums payable will be higher. Thus you can move to a place when there is a lower rate of crime for you to get the cheapest car insurance policies.


Most of the car insurance firms are nowadays offering their loyal customers with discounts on their premiums. This is in an endeavor to keep their existing customers while seeking for new ones.

Storage insurance

You can get a storage insurance cover if you do not use your car all year round. This should provide you with the cheapest car insurance cover.

Additionally other techniques that can be used to get the cheapest car insurance cover include improving ones credit score and getting a security device for the car.

Having fun with our URL shortener

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Take it from the name itself, URL shortening is literally a shortened version of a URL. Of course the internet has given us a variety of new terms to keep us abreast with the ongoing technological advancement and one of which is this approach. One funny thing fact about these URLs is the impression that they are some kind of spamming. If you aren’t very familiar with this, be careful because your favorite website might have been that website that you included on your blocked list.

So, let us start with the definition of URL shortening. You don’t have to use any search engine just to identify this term because as what have been mentioned earlier, you only have to think about it literally. This is just the shortened version of a Uniform Resource Locator. Sometimes, some sites possess a pretty long site name and at times that isn’t very convenient at all. This URL will still direct you to the same site address that you want. It’s just that it is a shorter version.

One main reason why URL shortening is useful is that it is easier to use. Isn’t it perplexing to memorize a very long URL? And isn’t it disturbing to repeatedly copy and paste a very long site address because you just couldn’t find that site? Yes, the real purpose is the assistance for an easier access towards a web page. Another significant feature with a URL shortening service is its vitality on networking sites and for instant messaging. Since at this point there is a wide evolution towards a diversity of networking, communication has been quite expansive. Some of these sites may not allow you to post long messages and thus you need to include shorter responses. And so a shortened URL is beneficial at this stage. Then, it’s actually one more tool for a better marketing strategy because these types of URL could easily be exchanged and remembered. Even with text messaging and any other communication avenues, you can surely trust that these sites will be promoted considerably, not only through online means but by the word of the mouth as well.

The internet offers a lot of easy steps for any activity possible. Along with this, online surfing is much more convenient, maintaining its image as being hassle-free and effortless. Take time to examine every site that you encounter and just take into consideration that at this point, URL shortening is leading the online service.

How to make successful car accident claims

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Car accident and subsequent whiplash claims have increased in the last decade. The increase in the car accident claims has been attributed to the high number of motor vehicles plying the roads. More people have been purchasing cars for their personal and commercial use. The rise in the number of vehicles has led to more accidents on the roads. However the accidents are not a direct result of the high number of vehicles on the road but rather as a result of human error in most cases.

This is why people need to get to understand what they need to do so as to facilitate successful lodging a car accident claim. You might never know when this knowledge will come in handy. There are a few issues that need to be observed as people lodge their car accident claims. This is because accidents are similar but they are never the same, thus the need to follow through some pertinent issues. The pertinent issues include;

Every accident is unique

The claimant has to realize that every claim lodged is unique based on the unique circumstances of the accident. This means that when the claimants fills the claims form then s/he has to do it without putting much trust on some earlier success stories that might be told to them by the accident management companies.

Payment factor

The insurance firms tend to reduce the amount of money payable to the claimants under certain circumstances. The most common reason that is used to reduce the payment is when the claimant is found not to have been wearing a safety belt at the time of the accident. This reason can see the payment being reduced by as much as 25%.

Passenger claim

If you happen to have been a passenger in a friend’s car or a taxi which gets to be involved in an accident then you can still fill a compensation claim form. You do not need to be worried as your friend pays premiums on a yearly basis to cover himself and his passengers in case of any eventuality. Thus any claim that you make will be paid by the insurance firm and not your friend.

As you fill in the compensation claim form you will need to disclose all the facts that appertain to the accident. Any car accident claims have to be lodged within a prescribed time frame after making an accident report with the police.

Original source: whiplashclaim.org.uk/


How to start a gardening business

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Stuart Smith spent two years in a wheelchair – and the first thing he’s done since has to start his own gardening business.

Mr Smith was wheelchair-bound for two long years after a serious surgical procedure in order to correct an incredibly rare foot condition that most medical professionals thought was serious enough to never allow him to walk. However, he’s since put all that behind him and has decided to grasp life by the reins and follow his dreams of becoming a professional gardening specialist.

The 38 year old man has been living with painful surgical procedures for years in order to remedy the issue, and from the age of three months he’s been periodically going under the knife. However, over the last decade his ankles had been suffering with osteoarthritis that was so severe his joints actually began to fail, making everyday activities incredibly painful – but two years ago he underwent a radical surgical procedure to fuse his ankle bones together with the full knowledge that it would take a massive amount of time for him to heal.

Finally, the man is up and about once more and has since launched Floral & Hardy, his gardening business. Coming from a long line of gardeners in Bristol himself, Mr Smith can finally get up and walk about completely free of pain, and he’s making the best of it by putting his expertise and passion to the very best use.

For what it’s worth, I absolutely love the fact that the first thing Mr Stuart did once his ankles healed was to get out into the great outdoors and get his hands dirty. It’s such a wonderful feeling, kneeling down in the earth and planting something that will flourish and grow for months or even years, and I can’t even imagine how liberating it must be for Mr Smith to be able to do so unaided.

It’s a lovely story, made even better by the fact that the man’s such an avid gardener that he turned his passion into what I can only hope will be a very successful business. I wish him all the best in his new business and hope he reaps all the rewards of being ambulatory and pain-free once more.

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The miracle of Moroccan argan oil

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Morrocan oil is also known under the name of argan oil and this oil is made from the Argan Tree which grows in the harsh and dry weather conditions of Morocco. There are many benefits to using argan oil and most of the times people will use it for healthier skin and hair, but it seems that for the food industry, Moroccan oil is a very important ingredient. Below this article will focus on the benefits this special oil offers.

Moisturizes hair and reduces frizz

Many people are using Morrocan oil in order to moisturize their hair and some individuals have even compared it to the benefits of olive oil or coconut oil, which are also great for being used when one has dry hair. In most cases though, it seems that argan oil will benefit women the most, especially if they’re dealing with naturally coarse and dry hair, African American hair types and color treated hair. If one has wavy hair that tends on getting frizzy throughout the day, using this oil might just be what they need to do for making it look absolutely gorgeous.

Because of the moisturizing benefits Morrocan oil has, it’s a wonderful breakage and frizz reducer. This makes it a useful option for women who are abusing blow dryers, rollers, curling irons and flat irons during their daily hair care maintenance. Truth be said, there are many hair stylists out there who are recommending this type of oil, because of the way argan oil tames the hair and makes it so manageable.

Increases hair shine

When using it, people will notice that argan oil will make their hair look shinier. So instead of frequently using hair spray that will only lead to product buildup in time, a better option would be to spray argan oil on the hair after one has finished styling it. Not only will the hair feel very soft because of the added moisture, but it will also look shiny and beautiful.

Healthy vitamins and UV Ray protection

Because it contains essential fatty acids and high elves of Vitamin E, Morrocan oil makes the hair healthy and stronger. To number some of the nutrients it contains, they include phenols, Vitamin F and Vitamin E which deeply nurture the hair and also the scalp.

On top of that, Morrocan oil can be used by everyone, regardless of hair type. It will provide all of the previously mentioned benefits and it will also not leave any greasy buildup or residue. How great is that?

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